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Gabriel Blanco


Born in Argentina. Studied biology and veterinary sciences at La Plata University. Later  Gabriel immersed himself in the world of television, film production and photography in Buenos Aires.

After moving to the United States, he studied at the Film & Video Arts Academy. Some of his works were shown on PBS.

In 2010 he created Wild Patagonia Films, a production company aimed at environmental and wildlife themes

In 2012 Wild Patagonia Films produced, filmed & directed a documentary, "A Glimpse of the Future", in Rwanda, for the United Nations Family Planning, (UNFP), and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, (IPPF), aimed at the eradication of mother to child transmission of HIV. Footage of the film can be seen on this site under the tab MOTION, on the clip named Memories of Rwanda.

He resides in New York City with his two Australian cattle dogs, where he freelances as a filmmaker and photographer. Works include commercial, narrative and photographic projects. Currently Gabriel is working on a photographic project about Australian Cattle dogs, and pre producing wildlife-conservation oriented documentary projects to be filmed in Argentina in 2021.

"I am a filmmaker, photographer and conservationist. I consider myself an environmental spokesperson. I love the great outdoors. Diving and surfing are my escapes. Being in touch with nature has brought out my most creative works."

"The natural world continues to change; not for the better. Species are dramatically disappearing. One hundred million sharks and more than 20 thousand elephants are killed every year, and those numbers keep on growing. Poaching and trophy hunting are decimating the population of endangered species all over the planet. Grey wolves face a second extinction. Global warming melts the arctic ice caps, causing polar bears to die of starvation. I can't expect to change all of these things, but my contribution will be to promote the lives of some of the most magnificent creatures on our planet. I can only hope to raise consciousness of the destruction we are causing."

"I am constantly crossing paths not just between working styles, but between filmmaking and photography. Both work with images, both preserve a moment in time; yet each one evokes a completely different feeling. For me neither one is better, just a matter of a choice on a given subject. At the end of the day, what I am doing with my cameras is just telling a story."

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