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       Wild Patagonia Films

Wild Patagonia Films LLC,  was established in New York City in 2010. 

The Argentinean Patagonia, is the inspiration of our name.

This uninhabited and pristine area possesses a beauty across its vast range of ecosystems that spans from the peeks of the Andes to the shores of the Southern Atlantic.

Wild Patagonia Films is a production company that seeks to create nature & wildlife visual content through video & photography. Our goal is to show the beauty and fragility of our ecosystems and its species. Our mission is to give nature a voice.

For Wild Patagonia Films, it is imperative to create a culture of conservation, protection and education.


Through the unparalleled power of the image, our goal is to inspire & create change.

Clients include UN - UNFP - IPPF - PBS

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